Real Property Database

Inlet’s Real Property Database is part of the Hamilton County Online Mapping System, a.k.a. HOMS, which provides assessment information and tax maps for parcels throughout Hamilton County.
(pronounced: homes)

There two ways to find assessment information at the HOMS website. After entering the site:

1. Zoom & Double Click
Upon entering the site you will see all of Hamilton County. Zoom in to Inlet. Use your cursor to re-center the map. Zoom in further to a specific area of Inlet, then click on a parcel and the info will pop up.

2. Search Parcels
Click the Parcels button at the top of the page and use the search features in the popup box. Note that at this time all towns are checked by default, so you may want to deselect all then select Inlet. Otherwise you will be searching all of Hamilton County.

Go to the Hamilton County Online Mapping System

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