Town Comprehensive Master Plan

open the pdf: Town of Inlet Comprehensive Master Plan Updated and Adopted September 10, 2019

open the pdf: Town of Inlet Draft Comprehensive Master Plan showing updates – August 12, 2019

The mission of the Inlet Town Comprehensive Plan is to present the collective vision of our community as a tool for building upon our current assets.  This plan will guide us into the future as we seek to preserve our environment while improving the quality of life, economy and image of Inlet.

The first Inlet Town Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted August 19, 2003.
The first review and update of the plan was completed in December, 2009.
The second review and update of the plan was completed in January, 2014.
The third review and update of the plan was completed in September, 2019.

History of the first Inlet TCP

Passed at the Inlet Town Board regular meeting on February 9, 1999, Resolution #50.99 – Comprehensive Plan – On a motion by Councilman Norkus, seconded by Councilman Schmid, the following resolution was adopted 5 Ayes to 0 Nays, Resolved, to have members of the Town Board, Planning Board and Economic Development Group develop a Town of Inlet Comprehensive Plan that the Town of Inlet may adopt.

Resolution #103.00 – Councilman Schmid offered the following resolution and moved for its adoption – whereas, the Inlet Town Board has officially approved a formal group of Inlet residents, including Planning Board members, to develop and present a Comprehensive Master Plan per Town Law, be it Resolved, that the updated list of members for the TCP Special Board include: Daniel Levi, David Scranton, Richard Willis, Greg O’Hara, JR Risley, Virginia Germer, Arthur Brockner, Paul Chambers, Connie Perry, Carol Schmid, John Townsend II, John Rettinger. Secconded by Councilman Cislo and duly adopted by the following votes: Ayes: Bird, Norkus, Cislo, Schmid, Risley. Nays: none

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