Downtown Sewer District

What area does the sewer district cover?
The new sewer district will include all parcels in the downtown area along the north side of Route 28, from the Stuart property next to the American Legion Building & Garage (formerly Arrowhead Trading Post) heading east to St. Anthony’s Church. On the south side of Route 28 from Mary’s Gift Shop heading east to Delmarsh’s house (the last building on Route 28 before Fifth Lake), and going up the South Shore Road to include the Inlet Marina and the Schanz/Smith property on the east side of the South Shore Road.  It also includes all of Arrowhead Park and all of the parcels behind the Inlet Town Hall, along the channel between Fourth Lake and Fifth Lake.

Where will the treatment plant be located for the sewer district?
The treatment plant for the sewer district will be located in Fern Park.  Fern Park is town owned and offers adequate space for the plant and separation from surrounding homes.

Where will the outfall go?
The outfall will extend 500 feet into Fourth Lake.

document downloads:
Inlet_Sewer_Project_Report – (this pdf is about 11MB)

These maps are all less than 1MB each:
Map of Sewer Lines 1
Map of Sewer Lines 2
Map of Sewer Lines 3
Map of Sewer Lines 4
Map of Sewer Lines 5
Map of Sewer Lines 6

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