Seventh Lake Road proposed zoning change

On September 30, 2009, the Inlet Planning Board received a zoning change request from David Kelsey, of Seventh Lake Road. The request involved changing the zoning districts along Seventh Lake Road, Island Avenue, Tyler Road and Jones Road to R1 Residential.

Mr. Kelsey’s request was formulated after he attended a public hearing on September 15th regarding the Town of Inlet Comprehensive Master Plan. The proposed change would comply and adhere to the intent of the Plan, which states: “Change zoning districts to fit the principal existing property uses.”

Mr. Kelsey conducted a survey of Seventh Lake Road area residents. As of December 9, 2009, he had received 42 responses from the 66 surveys he has sent out:
– 26 in favor of the changes
– 12 opposed to the changes
– 4 indifferent
– plus 2 from the excluded parcels that he did not count as “would be rezoned”.

document downloads:
Letter addressed to residents in the area proposed for change
Map showing current zoning in the area proposed for change
Map showing parcels in the area proposed for change
Reminder sent out to residents requesting them to return survey
Request submitted to the Inlet Town Board
Survey distributed to residents in the area proposed for change
Survey Results February 1, 2010
Survey Results Map

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